The long awaited book "Mysteries of the Magnolia Hotel" by published author and co-owner of the Magnolia Hotel, Erin O Wallace (Ghedi) has been released. For over a year, Wallace had been holding on to an incredible secret waiting to share with the world. After receiving an amazing message from a spirit, Wallace was led to clues revealing a deep, dark secret kept for over a century. This new information is shaking up history as we know it but it does convince even the most die-hard skeptics that it is indeed possible to communicate with the dead. Come visit the Magnolia Hotel to purchase your copy of the book and have them signed by the author, Erin O Wallace. 

Built in 1840 by Seguin's Co-Founder, Texas Ranger James Campbell

Come take a stroll through the Historic Magnolia Hotel! 

Yes it is True! The Magnolia Hotel is opening its door for FREE to the public on March 2 from 10:00 AM- 2:00 PM. The owners, Erin and Jim Ghedi rescued the building from demolition after being featured on the "2012 Most Endangered Places in Texas." Now after several years of restoration the building is nearly restored back to its glory days. Come take a leisurely stroll through the building as you take a step back in time. Docents are on hand for questions and answers. 

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The Magnolia Hotel was vacant for nearly 20 years when it was listed on "2012 Most Endangered Places in Texas." The building was open to squatters, drug users, rats and vandalism. The once vibrant and gorgeous Magnolia Hotel had become Seguin's biggest eyesore and crime problem. Though a restoration effort was considered to be a huge challenge and financial burden for any new owners, the Ghedi's saw the building's beauty and took on the task of bringing it back to life. 

The Historic Magnolia Hotel

FREE Open House Day is March 2!