Historic Magnolia Hotel

Group Day Tours 

We now offer Guided Group Day Tours with advance reservations!

Each tour is given by the actual owners of the Magnolia Hotel,

author, Erin O Wallace-Ghedi and husband, Jim Ghedi.

You and your group will be given a guided tour of the entire 179 year old building. The Magnolia Hotel began as a log cabin built by the Co-Founder of Seguin, Texas Ranger James Campbell who was murdered eventually by Comanches. The cabin then became Seguin's first stagecoach stop in service from 1847-1875. The original Magnolia Hotel in the rear was the first hotel and now oldest still standing. It was made out of the famous 1800's chemist, Dr. Park's solution limecrete. See where the most incredible Texas Ranger of all, Captain John "Jack" Coffee Hays married the hotel owner's daughter, Susan Calvert in the hotel. Then walk through the original 1850 ten-room hotel, saloon and restaurant that ran for 50 years. Learn how the roof As your finale you will enter the original 1840 Comanche Raid Shelter where frightened women and children stayed while the men of the town fought off the murdering Indians. The building is filled with artifacts found on the property which you will be able to see.  

Tours cost $20 per person with a minimum of 20 guests required. Each tour can be adjusted to the size of your group.  If larger than 20 guests, tours can be split into separate groups to accommodated. For reservations and additional information contact the owners at: 512-571-2706 

Group Day Tours