Erin Wallace Ghedi

Owner of the Magnolia Hotel. She is a published author, historian, retired museum curator, event planner & ordained minister.

Erin is known for her costumed historic events, weddings and parties. 

Coming soon! Discover the revealing stories of each owner of the 

Magnolia Hotel

from 1840 - 2019!

1840 –

Texas Ranger

James Campbell

1844 –

Joseph F Johnson

& Louisa Ozbourn  Johnson

1846 –

Jeremiah Strother Calvert

& Michael Erskine

1847 –

Jeremiah Strother Calvert

& Joseph F Johnson 

1850 –

Dr. William S Read

& Susanna Shelby Read


William M Carpenter  

& Judith Shelby

1860 –

Col. Thomas Dickey Johnston

& Katherine Calvert

1900 – 

Minor Clara Johnston

inherits it

1908 – 

Leased to Mrs. Karl Jennewein (Annie Dierks).

She turns it into a boarding house.

1911 – 

Hilmar Weinert

& August Weinert

1916 -  

Hermann Herzog

& Eddie Wahl 

1925 –

C H Trott

& Mattie Trott Dalchau

1926 –

Alfred W Rhode

1932 –

Grande Lodge for the

Order of the Sons of Hermann

of San Antonio

1934 –

Edgar Lannom

& Vivian “Inez” Holley

1994 –

Lannom’s grandchildren

inherit the estate

2013 –

Jim Ghedi

& Erin O Wallace


The Historic Magnolia Hotel

Jim Ghedi, 

Owner of the Magnolia Hotel & Ghedi International. With his background as a preservationist and antique restoring Jim's focus is on detail, detail, detail! 


The Magnolia Hotel with its rich history deserves to be a museum someday and it is our hopes to make this dream come true. Though we have made huge progress in our restoration, we still have a long way to go. We have worked over 3 years now restoring the bottom floor into its 1880's glory. Though it looks stunning we still have many challenges ahead of us. Bringing a neglected 170 year old building back to life has its hurdles but we believe it is completely worth it.